A Life of Things presents the eccentric world of Daniel Rozensztroch and his innumerable collections of everyday things, which encompass the worlds of art, antiques, found objects, and everything in between. Collected over years of traveling the world, the obsessive collections of objects range from the ordinary to the sublime, and include hundreds of toothbrushes, glass lights for lace making, sailor iconography, vases from the Jin dynasty, tin frames, Christmas ornaments, and Japanese folk art. Photographed in their settings in his apartments in Paris and Nice, France, the book allows for a fascinating look into the two homes as cabinets of curiosities. As Rozensztroch explains, “A collection can be three or 300 objects and the subject of this book is how I see them as being related to each other and how I live with them and appreciate them every day.” 

Daniel Rozensztroch has been a longtime consultant to the magazine Marie-Claire Maison and is the creative director of Merci in Paris, France. He is also the co-author of a series of titles in the Style Series published by Clarkson N. Potter, as well as a number of books on the subject of everyday things that include Wire and Kitchen Ceramics (Abbeville Press); Glass (Harry N. Abrams); and Herring: A Love Story, and Spoon (Pointed Leaf Press). 

“…feast your eyes on the unique, lovely objects this unapologetic collector has found for his two homes in France.” - People

“Today, Rozensztroch’s Paris loft overflows with thousands of artworks, antiques and flea-market finds from around the world. But most of these “treasures” are utilitarian objects, humble everyday things like spoons, metal strainers and wire hangers that chez luiare given a second life.” – 1stDibs


196 Pages / 8” X 10.375”

ISBN: 978-1-938461-99-6

English & French Language