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Star Cut Rocks Glass, Set of 2


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This rocks glass has been designed for those who prefer their whisky and cocktails on ice. Keen to create a glass that allowed the cocktail to sing, this Classic Rocks glass is made from mouth blown crystal, which, with its beautifully thin rim, enhances every last sip. It also makes for a striking water glass.

Dimensions & Care

3.15"H x 3.15"W

9.13 fl.oz

Suitable for the dishwasher; indeed this would be our recommended method of cleaning so as to avoid unnecessary handling.

You should place the glassware on the top rack of the dishwasher making sure there is enough space between each piece. If you do need to wash the pieces by hand, we recommend that you fill the glasses halfway with hot soapy water and leave them to soak before being thoroughly, but gently rinsed. Be careful not to let the glasses touch the sink, rings or other washing up items as this can lead to chips or even breakages.

Dry your crystal immediately after washing using a lint-free cloth.