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Walnut Nocturn Catch-All


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Equally, at home on your dresser, desk, or coffee table, this solid American hardwood catch-all provides an ideal home for your daily essentials.

Details & Dimensions

Surprisingly hefty, and with a smooth satin finish, you might wind up loving the Nocturn Catch more than the objects you keep on it.

Color: American Black Walnut.

Origin: Milled and finished in Michigan.

Founded in 2015 by designer Hunter Craighill, this is a design and manufacturing brand rooted in curiosity, ingenuity, and pleasure. Craighill knows that the world already has too much “stuff” and that you don’t need yet another shiny object. That’s why he designs these products to be as functional and timeless as they are beautiful and intriguing.

7.5" x 11" x 0.75" tall