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Ginori Antico Doccia Square Serving Plate

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This dinner item is made with fine Italian craftsmanship rooted in centuries-old tradition transforming your dining table into a magical artistic experience.


The manufactured product is made from hard feldspar porcelain composed of quartz and kalin feldspar using artisanal and industrial production techniques developed in almost three centuries of historical production. This entire process takes place from the first fire to the decoration, through various production cycles, at the end of which careful quality control certifies absolute purity and perfection. The attention to detail is the expression of know-how and a mastery transmitted over time by the master craftsmen of the Manufacture.

Material: Porcelain

Dimensions & Care

Avoid the use of dishwasher detergents or normal products. Porcelain/crystal detergents are more suitable. Wash the crystal in warm water with a soft cloth. Dry the crystal with a soft cloth to prevent the formation of traces of water. Before each wash, check for a plastic mat to place the objects, and use a tap cover to prevent bumps and scratches. Washable also in the dishwasher with a shorter cycle and lower temperature. Load the dishwasher so that objects do not touch each other.

11.25" Square