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Ginori Oriente Italiano Rectangular Vide Poche, Porpora


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An exquisite piece that can be used as a pocket emptier, candy or jewelry dish, and more.

Details & Dimensions

Exuberant, exotic, enticing. The graceful, delicate hues of dawn and dusk glisten on Oriente Italiano porcelain like a symphony. The Airbrush technique and the inventiveness of color converge to create a magnificent pattern.

A beautiful gift for anyone and as beautiful as it is practical.

The manufactured product is made from hard feldspar porcelain composed of quartz and Kalin feldspar using artisanal and industrial production techniques developed in almost three centuries of historical production. This entire process takes place from the first fire to the decoration, through various production cycles, at the end of which careful quality control certifies absolute purity and perfection. The attention to detail is the expression of know-how and a mastery transmitted over time by the master craftsmen of the Manufacture.

Handmade and decorated in Italy.

Material: Porcelain with gold accents

Details: Due to high demand, please allow 4-6 months to ship.

6" W x 7.5" D x 1.5" H

Care Instructions

Normal handwashing only. Porcelains should not be used in a conventional oven or indirect fire.