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Lacquer Sphere Candle, Large

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These sphere ball candles are hot in the way they look and burn!

Details & Dimensions

These candles are characterized by an extremely glossy finish made thanks to a natural cellulose-based paint that takes up to 6 days to dry completely.

Are candles made of wax? The answer is “yes”, and the answer is “no”. Yes, candles are made of wax, but what does wax mean? We often think that wax means beeswax, but this is not the case. Wax is one of the states that materials can take (like solid, liquid, paste, gel). “Wax” has two main features: it must have a pretty low melting point and it must be rather malleable at room temperature. All candles are made of wax exactly because these features allow them to work properly. Waxes can be vegetable (soy wax, palm wax, stearin, etc.), animal (beeswax, stearins, etc.), mineral (paraffines), and synthetic (very special, not in use in the candle industry). Most candles on the market are made of paraffin or vegetable waxes.

Packaged in refined gift boxes, they are the perfect gift.

Burn Time: 144 Hr