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Nickel White Custom Rubber Stamp w/ Personalization Voucher-Large

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The heavy-duty metal design of our Signature Self Inking Rubber Stamp makes quite an impression. Our nickel-plated Self-Inking Stamper with lacquered white solid wood handles features a retractable stamping mechanism that accommodates interchangeable rubber imprints so it can be used for multiple messages. Enclosed is a card with a unique code and instructions to visit our online personalization portal to create a custom stamp using one of our 60+ templates or uploading art. The finished rubber imprint is mailed and included in the price. Learn more on our video- Wms & Co stampers have one foot in the Old World and another in the now. The very act of using a manual stamp in this era of digitized everything feels positively subversive. It’s a distinctive way to personalize packaging and communications while adding a layer of instant patina. Whether you’re stamping a business logo, your personal monogram or an ex libris label, these marks are truly indelible.