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Odd Bods Playing Cards

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These whimsical playing cards spring to life the moment you open the box.

Details & Dimensions

From inimitable artist Jonathan Burton, a new deck loaded with oddities, curiosities, peculiarities, and absurdities, in the tradition of Lewis Carroll or Edward Lear’s “literary nonsense.”

Each custom-designed court card is packed with strange details, and you will find the royalty wearing everything from space helmets to birdhouses. The custom joker drinks tea while galloping on a hyena, while the ace of diamonds straps on her helmet and prepares to take flight with a propeller on her rear.

Even the pips of the number cards get in on the act, donning top hats, snails, and other surprising decorations. Once you let this gaggle of bizarre characters lose on your table, your card games will never be the same!

These are standard Poker size playing cards with an air-cushion finish, just like the Bicycle cards you’re used to from the U.S. Playing Card Co.

Suitable for all games requiring a standard deck.

Origin: United States.

Material: FSC Certified Paper.

3.5" x 2.5" x 0.5"