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Soolip CW Ward Stationery Box Set- Wood, Set of 8

Designer: Soolip


Los Angeles-based artist, Cathy Ward, artfully combines her passion for appreciating nature’s details and her camera, an iphone6.  An inspired collaboration, the combination of her photographs, her words foil-printed on floating translucent vellum, and the paper and aesthetic of Soolip, presents nature exquisitely captured in this letterpress card collection. Suitable for framing, these cards come packaged within a stylish, mink velour, keepsake box.

The Wood Collection includes 8 different images depicting nature's majestic wood.

8 Silver-foil vellum tokens with mindful contemplations.  Set contains 1 of each contemplation.  These are intended to simply float loosely within the card, as an added gift, allowing for full writing space on inside of card. The messages are as follows:

-  Finding peace is elusive  . . yet right in front of us.

-  Such joy when we find beauty in the commonplace.

-  The twists and turns our lives take make the journey a work of beauty.

-  Life shows up in the most unexpected places.  Enjoy!

-  Look for beauty everywhere . .. such surprises you will have!

-  Listen to the silence . . . you will find your soul.

-  The things we miss even with our eyes open . . . take a moment and see!

-  Always go to the heart of the matter to find beauty, truth and peace.

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