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Starburst Salad Plate, Assorted Set of 6


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A bright table setting feels like a happy place to come together, and none seems so sweet as Asterisco bowls and dishes, designed by Federico de Majo.


The set includes 6 salad plates in a range of poppy colors, including yellow, red, purple, blue, green, and orange.

The Asterisco collection of plates and bowls is characterized by light and colorful decorations that resemble a small asterisk and give the dishes a new and original look.

Set includes 6 assorted dishes.

Material: Stoneware.

Zafferano America is the exclusive North American distributor of the award-winning lighting and glassware designs of Federico de Majo of Venice, Italy. Now available in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, our collections include decorative tableware and lighting for hospitality and designer trades, retail establishments, and online customers. Zafferano products are functional, decorative, and especially fun.

Dimensions & Care

Dishwasher Safe

9" D