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The Secret Language of Flowers -Notes on Louvre's Flowers

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The Secret Language of Flowers - Notes on the hidden meanings of the Louvre's flowers. by Jean-Michel Othoniel.

Follow French artists Jean-Michel Othoniel on a floral tour of the Louvre in The Secret Language of Flowers. This fascinating pocket herbarium explores the symbolism of seventy flowers concealed within the masterpieces of the museum’s painting, drawing, sculpture, embroidery and enamel collections. From the unmistakable thistles in Albrecht Dürer’s self-portrait to a small yet significant bleeding heart in a 14th century tapestry, each featured bloom is captured in both a photograph and a close-up shot of the artwork where it can be found. Accompanying descriptions reveal Othoniel’s own interpretations of the flower’s hidden meaning in a piece, as well as what it has commonly signified in art history. A must have for any visit to the Louvre, this book also makes the perfect gift for botanists and art-lovers alike.