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Warblers and Other Songbirds of North America


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Warblers and Other Songbirds of North America presents a photographic field guide of 285 species of the region's richly varied songbirds in their true-to-life size. The birds featured in this book are known for their elaborate bird songs, produced by their highly developed vocal organs. Arranged here by region and taxonomic order, every songbird is depicted life-sized, and is accompanied by a short description with useful information on identification and on the species habits and behavior. Additionally, each species entry has a map to show where the species can be found as well as a fact grid with key details such as common and scientific name, length, food, habitat, status, and voice. The photographs are gloriously detailed and chosen to show each species unique identification features and typical postures. Small enough to fit in a purse or backpack-yet large enough for armchair viewing-this book is perfect for the experienced birdwatcher, the aspiring naturalist, or the bird lover alike. Fun Facts About Songbirds: - Songbirds are members of the order Passeriformes, the most varied group of birds both in terms of numbers of species and diversity of appearance and habit preferences. - Songbirds have feet that allow them to perch with ease, with three toes pointing forward and one facing back. - Songbirds are extremely vocal, some male species are among the finest songsters in the bird world.