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Cards with Friends

Cards with Friends

Just in time for spring, I’m thrilled to announce a new design collaboration with Elizabeth Moyer, lifestyle influencer and blogger of Pretty Pink Tulips.

Our first project together is a set of notecards that you will want to snap up and start using right away. The designs are super fresh and fun, and can I just say, you’re going to be tickled pink?

The one-of-a-kind boxed notecards feature hand-drawn tulips from Moyer’s signature garden. The set is luxe, limited edition, and supremely giftable. Fusing the fresh, floral aesthetic of Pretty Pink Tulips with the creative imagination of Bespoke Designs, we are so excited to share this new offering.

Elizabeth and I are two women who are obsessed with flowers, the color pink, and fine stationery. In fact, we both started our early “careers” with high school jobs at local stationery stores.

A native of Dallas, Elizabeth moved around the country before settling in Westchester, New York, where she tore out all the landscaping surrounding her home and started from scratch. Designing a garden filled with tulips, which she replants yearly, the breathtaking blossoms attracted the admiration of her neighbors and community. Being featured on a local house tour inspired her to create her blog, Pretty Pink Tulips. Then the attention went from local to global as the internet fell in love with Elizabeth’s classic style and bountiful blooms. Her home was featured in Better Homes and Gardens, attracting an even bigger audience.

Like all of her followers, I hold my breath as Elizabeth’s tulip-filled garden comes into flower each April. Despite the deer eating all my tulips, I too have a garden that is filled with pink flowers. From Elizabeth I have learned that spring is a state of mind.

I couldn’t be happier that Elizabeth chose to partner with Bespoke. She has said that in thinking about launching a product line, “Shari was the obvious choice as a partner. I spent the past year focusing on ramping up for whatever was next for the blog. A book perhaps, but stationery kept coming to the forefront. Shari was the ideal person to reach out to because I love her work and shop so much. We share a love of paper and beautiful things. We both care about the details and elevating the everyday. Tulips made for the perfect first project as they are my outdoor signature and a metaphor for everyone finding their own signature sense in style, fashion, life and decor. The notecard suite includes different tulips, just like I have in my garden, and some of the liners are taken from my photographs of my tulips, creating a truly bespoke collection.”

Thank you, Elizabeth! We're so excited to bring your vision to life. The notecards are available here.

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