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Meet the Team

A design studio often brings together exceptional talent,and ours is no exception. From our founder and creative visionary, Shari to our impeccable designer, Monica, we offer to you a fiercely passionate and experienced team. Each of us is lovestruck by what we get to create together, and we can't wait to meet you and build something wondrous.

Shari Lebowitz

Shari is a creative visionary and big-time idea generator. Give her a blank sheet of handmade paper and pretty soon you'll be riding to the moon on a flourish of ink and wisps of love. Got a multi-day fully branded event? This is your make-it-happen woman.

Monica Gorski

Monica is a magician with a quiver full of creativity. Design wizardry sizzles straight out of her wand whether she's hand printing old-school or designing complex multi-dimensional light boxes. Yes, she's ever so sweet and lovely, but no kidding - you're working with a design powerhouse.

Tasmine Mocke

Tasmine Mocke is our retail lead and embodies the sunshine and breezy brightness of her home country, South Africa. She is very familiar with the events world, having spent a few years with our good friends at Marcia Selden Catering (where she met her husband, Jeff). Her retail background is tip top with several years at Tory Burch (which is actually where I first met her). Tasmine has deep experience in table top and entertaining, and is an invaluable resource in guiding you and helping to manage your registry.

Lauren Zanfardino

Lauren is a wonderfully warm and welcoming member of our team. She keeps our on-line business humming, getting orders out asap and working with customers across the country. She's also completely obsessed with invitation assembly - bless her! She's mom to two seriously active young boys and smiles all day when she's at work.

Rebecca Ashby

We are so thrilled to have the wonderfully talented wedding stationer Rebecca on our team. She has designed wedding suites for celebrities and rock stars and "it" couples for many years. Her graphic design talents are sprinkled throughout the shop and across all of our platforms. And if you're scheduled for a design meeting with Rebecca - plan for some serious delightfulness.

Meet Walter

Walter is Shari's miniature poodle and he is here with us every day. His duties include welcoming all visitors and shredding paper. He's a very friendly guy, so feel free to bring your pooch along with you.