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Setting Your Seder Table

Setting Your Seder Table

Passover is a Jewish holiday celebrated mainly at home. It centers around a festive meal and an interactive retelling of the story of Exodus. Special foods play a prominent role. Let your table be a gracious setting for that important story to unfold.

First things first. The seder plate displays the symbolic foods that illustrate the journey to the promised land. Ours is sophisticated and heirloom-worthy. Embossed white on white with touches of gold, the design will blend with and elevate your holiday dishes. 

For our Passover table, we feature a twist on tradition with whimsical blue and white tones and natural elements. Elegance blends with a fresh, modern feel. Our specialists can help you create a tablescape that follows your imagination and inspires your guests.   

For younger participants, have fun making the 10 plagues come to life. Plastic frogs, fake hailstones, and if you want to go all out, delight the littles with Hex Bugs - battery operated “bugs” that can crawl all over the table (and under it) and generally bring smiles.   

The festival of Passover is one of the most widely observed of all the Jewish holidays. Universal themes touch on springtime, history, spiritual redemption, social justice and freedom — including recognizing those who are still oppressed.

Gather family and friends around your Seder table to create traditions that will last through the generations.


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