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Valentine's Day at "The Pretty Pink Tulips"

Valentine's Day at "The Pretty Pink Tulips"

Our fave gal pal Elizabeth of @ThePrettyPinkTulips shared her home - and we splashed in a table full of love. Trust me - you will want it all!

Before we became friends, I was a long-time follower and a fan of Elizabeth Moyer's blog The Pretty Pink Tulips . Like all of her followers, I hold my breath each spring as a series of gorgeous pink tulips reveal their splendor in her garden. Originally from Dallas, Texas, her Westchester, New York garden is where we share her joyful love of tulips and her adorable dog Molly.

Elizabeth is known as a most gracious hostess, gathering friends and family for special occasions and every day specialness. Her tables are always an expression of her "joie de vivre" and effervescent Southern charm. 

We had so much fun setting this gorgeous table in Elizabeth's light filled Great Room! The scented candles were lightly wafting through as we created a table scape that was perfect for a gathering to celebrate Valentine's Day - or any day, actually.

On the very grey rainy day that we were here, I have to confess that I kept looking out the windows longingly at her garden, just imagining all of the beauty quietly resting over winter. I know that I will feel even more anticipation than ever for Elizabeth's pretty pink tulips to reveal themselves this spring.

Elizabeth's delicious cocktail "Cupid's Arrow" will be up on her blog shortly. Don't miss the very special love card that we created (below) especially for Elizabeth to give to her daring husband. Of course we made one for Elizabeth, too!

You can buy the fluted coupe and shop the whole look here.

We have some special collabs in the works with Eiizabeth, so please be sure to follow the blog and be the first to know!  oxo Shari

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