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Father's Day 2022

  • Zi "Graceful" Dragon-Bespoke Designs

    Zi "Graceful" Dragon


    Zi "Graceful" carved emerald green onyx dragon. Details & Dimensions A collection of ancient creatures based on antique carved map weights, man...

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  • The Graphic Garden-Bespoke Designs

    The Graphic Garden


    First monograph from landscape architect Keith Williams, highlighting his most impressive projects to date. Details & Dimensions In this book, ...

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  • Herring: A Love Story-Bespoke Designs

    Herring: A Love Story


    A long childhood friendship of authors, Daniel Rozensztroch and Cathie Fidler was the beginning of Herring: A Love Story, which traces the history ...

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  • The Wall of Birds-Bespoke Designs

    The Wall of Birds


    Part homage, part artistic and sociological journey, The Wall of Birds tells the story of birds' remarkable 375-million-year evolution. With a fore...

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  • Bespoke Notes - So Nauti-Bespoke Designs
    Bespoke Notes - So Nauti-Bespoke Designs

    Bespoke Notes - So Nauti


    Cheeky little tongue in chic. Possibly of the nautical variety...or knot! Card Details 10 cards in every set. Letterpress in classic navy blue. Bri...

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  • Craighill Steel Desk Knife-Bespoke Designs

    Craighill Steel Desk Knife

    Original Price $80.00
    Current Price $64.00

    A multipurpose cutting tool intended to live on your desk, always within reach. Inspired by the Japanese kiridashi knife, but with a form factor c...

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