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Serving Utensils

  • Cheese Plane-Bespoke Designs
    Cheese Plane-Bespoke Designs

    Cheese Plane

    from $28.75

    This Sabre cheese grater allows you to make beautiful slices of Parmesan or other hard cheeses.

  • Small Spreader-Bespoke Designs
    Small Spreader-Bespoke Designs

    Small Spreader

    from $18.00

    With its blunt blade, the Sabre spreader is used for spreading, soft butters, tapenades and any other food to be spread on delicious toasts.

  • Braid Cake/Bread Knife-Bespoke Designs

    Braid Cake/Bread Knife


    Made by hand and a pleasure to behold, the Braid cake and bread knife represent classic designs made for elegant entertainment. Each piece features...

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  • Fork Tipped Cheese Knife-Bespoke Designs
    Fork Tipped Cheese Knife-Bespoke Designs

    Fork Tipped Cheese Knife

    from $40.00

    The small Sabre cheese knife is ideal for cutting and serving small and soft cheeses.

  • Pie Server-Bespoke Designs
    Pie Server-Bespoke Designs

    Pie Server

    from $43.00

    Very practical, the Sabre pie cutter is features a sharp blade that allows you to cut and serve all sweet or savory dishes.

  • Caviar Horn Spoon-Bespoke Designs
    Caviar Horn Spoon-Bespoke Designs

    Caviar Horn Spoon


    This Caviar Spoon combines practicality with timeless design. Details & Dimensions Upon the creation of these goodies, the goal is to not only ...

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