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How it Works

Our invitation collections are sold by the piece, giving you the freedom to create the invitation suite that’s perfect for you and your sweetheart.

Although much of what you see relates to weddings, you can totally use these for any kind of celebration. Just saying.

You will need to add each card, envelope and embellishment to your cart separately. After you’ve added all of your items, you can continue to check out. Or hit us up for a quick consult to review.

FIRST Choose your vibe.

Choose your vibe

Check them all out so you are certain which one captures the essence of your vision.

Although the art and font styles are not changeable, there are many ways for you to customize your suite.

SECOND Each item must be added to your cart separately

Each item must be added to your cart separately. For each item choose your:

Paper weight: standard or premium
  • We say standard, but there’s nothing basic about this choice. It’s cottony and luxurious and has an elegant texture.

  • Premium is the same quality as standard, just heavier. If you’re considering letterpress, this is pillowy perfection.
Quantity for each item that you’ll need
  • Think carefully about your count! Think about households and not head count. One invitation may be all you need for a family of five.
  • Envelope color
  • For each suite we give you several envelope color options. Choose one color for the main invitation and one for the reply set, if you’d like. Way to amp up the vibe when you layer in color!
  • THIRD Choose your print processes.
    Choose your print processes: just one or a combination of two. If you want a third process, you’ll have to hop over to Truly Bespoke.
    All suites start as digital.
    You can add letterpress to your digital piece.
    • You can have all of the invitation copy as letterpress, or just your names for a special pop.

    • When you choose letterpress you will automatically have letterpress for the return address.

    You can add foil to your digital piece.
    • When you choose foil, it is just for the two names.

    Want your envelopes addressed? We definitely think it’s a great idea for sure.
    • The fonts will be the same ones used in your suite

    • Add the item to your card, select the quantity carefully. We will provide a template for you to use.

    FOURTH Any extras?
    Any extras?

    Don’t forget wax seals, stickers, napkins and cups! So many ways to carry your vibe through your event and increase the delight of your guest experience.

    FIFTH Place your order
    Place your order

    Place your order - yes, that’s right. Check Out officially and place your order.

    Questionnaire: fill this out in detail in the shopping cart! Parent's names, house of worship, party venue, Sunday brunch….get it all noted down here.

    After we receive your order we’ll edit all the deets for the copy of each piece. No worries, one of us will review everything with you.

    SIXTH Expect your digital proof by email.
    Within 3-5 days you’ll receive your full invitation suite proof by email. Review it super carefully, proofread each piece, cross the T s and dot all the I s.
    • We will also review carefully, but we are not responsible for any copy errors in your final proof. Sorry.

    • Sign your proof with your approval and email it back to us.

    • Woosh! Your order now zooms into into production.

    • Your order will be sent to you within 15-18 business days. All orders are sent via USPS with tracking.

    SEVENTH Mail those beauties and let the joy begin!