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12 Tips on Writing Thoughtful Thank You Notes

Everything today is so digital. We look at our phones all day long. Yet, we still go to our mailbox every day. We are still hoping to receive something positive, something special. Think of that feeling you get when you receive a handwritten thank you note, you are so grateful for the effort, the thought and care that was put into it. You know it took time, time to select the stationery and time to think of the right words to say. Receiving a thank you note is like receiving a "gift of time," that simple gift is just so precious.

I love what John Z. Komurki, author of “Stationery Fever” (Prestel) says In a recent Wall Street Journal article, titled The New Status Symbol: Think Ink,

“A handwritten note is elegance incarnate. These objects [pens and stationery] and the act of writing are an affordable luxury in a time of crushing vulgarity.”

Tips for Writing the Perfect Thank You Note

1. Thank you notes should be handwritten. While it would be easier to send an e-mail or a typed letter, a handwritten thank you note is so much sincerer.

  • 2. Have some good stationery on hand. Embossed cards or colorfully monogrammed stationery with complementary envelopes look much better than folded notebook paper stuffed into an ordinary envelope. (We have all sorts to choose from!) We can also design your own custom stationery to truly express your own aesthetic and style. Trust us, if you have beautiful stationery, you'll be more likely to send more thank you notes!

  • 3. Personalize it. Often finding the right words, to begin with, is the hardest part. We suggest that you refrain from the standard “thank you for” and instead start by mentioning something personal - "How lovely it was to see you..." "How we so enjoyed the wedding..." "What a wonderful weekend away we had..." or something relating to why you are so grateful.
  • 4. It’s never too late! Even if it’s late, send a note. Don’t feel embarrassed; it’s always better to send a late thank you than none at all.
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    2. Take your time. Make sure your notes are legible and tidy. Although traditionally thank you notes are written in cursive, if your printing is tidier, this is perfectly acceptable so long as your note is tidy and free of smudges and scratch marks.
    1. 6. Send thanks for trivial things. Whether you’re thanking a dear friend for a casual get-together or your neighbor who collected your mail and watered your plants while you were honeymooning in Paris, a hand-written note is the best way to show your appreciation.

    1. 7. Let your personality shine through! Write as you speak and feel free to use humor.
    1. 8. It's about quality, not quantity. Don’t focus so much on the length as much as the content. It’s much more important to make the recipient feel appreciated.
    1. 9. Pay a compliment. If you were a guest in someone’s home, mention how much you enjoyed your stay, or how beautiful the home was.

    10. Relive a fond memory or two. If you spent a weekend away, do bring up a fun moment or event.

    11. Look ahead. Do mention something about how much you’re looking forward to the next time you get together.

    12. Give thanks. You likely have already thanked your recipient, but do reiterate how grateful and thankful you are.


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