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A Love Story: Caroline + Natan (Married Over a Year)

We adore working with couples to fulfill their paper dreams. But a bonus for us is getting to know the couples intimately: How they met,  fell in love and what their dreams are together both for their wedding and after they wed. 

That's why we decided to revisit some of the couples we have worked with in the past and share their love stories with you. Because I think we can all agree, we all need as much as love as we can get right now! So stay tuned over the next few days while we introduce you to some fabulous couples all in different stages of their marriages. First up is Caroline + Natan (you can check out more of their fab wedding and wedding invitations here).

Caroline + Natan 

How They Met

"'Twas a snowy night in January 2017 and while chatting on the dating app Hinge, I had agreed to meet Natan for a cocktail or three at Dear Irving in Manhattan. After calculating the exact travel time necessary and double checking in Google calendar, Natan arrived early on his Citibike. He waited anxiously at the table for 22 minutes with no ETA update from me and at one point introduced himself to the waitress thinking it might be me. Finally, I arrived and the hostess gladly brought me to meet “the guy with the helmet.” The rest is history!"

The Proposal

"On January 11, 2019 (exactly a year before our wedding!) we went to a sushi restaurant I’d been trying to get a reservation at forever. As the last course came, so did an envelope for me. I thought they were handing me the check and I instantly gave it back to Natan :) He made me open it and there was a PowerPoint presentation printed out with a surprise trip to Paris and then I looked up and a ring was in his hand."

The First Year of Marriage

"We had an eventful year to say the least. In addition to the pandemic and spending every waking moment together (happily), we found out in February that I was pregnant. In April, the day NYC hit its peak of Covid cases we found out we were having twins! Twins don’t run in either of our families so we were shocked. Our babies were born extremely prematurely and spent months in the hospital but are home now and we couldn’t be happier." 

Being New Parents (to Twins) 

"It’s intense! There are lots of diapers and bottles everywhere. We feel so lucky to have Lilly and Artie in our lives. They bring us closer together and we love every second with them."  (Writer's note: quite possibly the cutest #twista feed!)

The Future 

"We’re looking forward to every milestone. I think mostly we love waking up together every morning and knowing that we have each other, especially when the world is going through such a difficult period. We are dreaming of when we can travel together and we already got them passports, which are very cute."


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