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A Love Story: Lynne + Alan (Married 50+ Years)

A Love Story: Lynne + Alan (Married 50+ Years)

Last but not least in our Love Story series, we are introducing you to a couple who has been married for over 50 years (51 to be exact), Lynne + Alan. 

Lynne + Alan 

How They Met 

"We first met in 1961. Alan came to my front door (in New Jersey) to get his friend's younger brother, who was at my house doing a school project. Alan went back to our friend's father's car and announced that he had to go out with me.

Alan proposed in 1968 in his Pontiac GTO and our wedding was August 10, 1969.  It was a big formal wedding (150 guests)."

The Best Part of Being Married

"The most memorable part of marriage is expanding our horizons together. And our granddaughters are a blessing and a treasure in our lives."

What is the Secret to a Long-Lasting Marriage?

"Marriage was easy because we are so compatible. We never take each other for granted. We always say 'I love you' several times a day."

Best Piece of Advice for Younger Couples

"Our advice to newly married couples would be to never take each other for granted, start a family after a few years so you get to know each other and work as a unit instead of separate entities. Lasting relationships are achieved, in our case, by always communicating with each other and lots of laughter."

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