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Artist spotlight: Gemma Orkin

Artist spotlight: Gemma Orkin

Gemma Orkin is a Cape Town based ceramic artist with over 30 years of experience. It is Gemma's love for nature, specifically that which is indigenous to South Africa, that inspires the majority of her work.

All of Gemma's work is handmade and hand-painted. Each piece is built up with coils, shaped, allowed to dry and then painted with color and illustrated.

Her beautiful pieces of semi-functional ceramics are created in simple, classic shapes and adorned by all the things that she loves.

A custom commission we placed with Gemma Orkin

All the pieces are handmade and hand painted by the artist and she chooses creamy  colors as base colors and paints them with drawings of things close to her heart.

Gemma is inspired by her children, family, food, pets, and a love of the outdoors, birds, flowers and all the simple, forgotten things of life.

In addition to what we have currently available in store, you may place a custom commission through the shop if you are US-based. Her work has been a favorite of mine at the shop for the past three years.  

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