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Georgie & Juliet kept it all white vibe with their umbrella. The showers were brief, but the love flowed!

Two Brides in the Garden

Covid caused the wedding to be both delayed and relocated more than once. Originally scheduled at a super edgy, industrial venue in Brooklyn...well, we all know what happened during those challenging months. So, the wedding finally happened in the family's gorgeous home garden.

Their edgy letterpress duogram is washed in indigo, like over-dyed denim. The intertwined letters may have inspired some additional inking, if you know what I mean. 

One of our favorite parts of this suite: the seed packets of Sweet Peas that say "Let Love Grow".


A few raindrops did not dampen the joy of this garden wedding at home. 

 Happy Anniversary to Georgie & Juliet!

 oxox Shari

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