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Bespoke Partnerships: Festivities Events and Catering


Although our primary function is to focus on the paper for your wedding, we work closely with event planners to ensure that our clients’ visions are carried through and executed from concept to delivery.

Every great party begins with paper

When we work with our clients we get to know them on deeply personal levels, learning as much as we can about their lives and lifestyles. We want to know all about how you envision your event. Will you have a theme? Will your party be local or away at a destination? Will it be large or intimate affair? We’ll ask you about hobbies and color preferences. These details all help us to get to know you and help us execute your event so that it not only meets but exceeds your expectations. From there we’ll discuss your wedding suite – we’ll talk about save the date cards, invitations and reply cards – when they all need to be ordered, and when they should be sent.

If you want it, we can create it

We have a team of talented individuals who work closely with us to help create that perfect, memorable invitation including calligraphers, watercolorists and map illustrators. We also work closely with select florists, caterers and wedding planners.

We take pride in our partnerships

One such partnership is Festivities, based in Norwalk, Connecticut. We sat down with Rosinne (Roe) Chlala, founder, managing partner and senior event consultant to talk about our working relationship and why partnerships such as this are really important.

“Shari and I share the concept of the event. Together we think about our client, and their aesthetic – what moves them and what brings them joy. Shari creates the paper part of the event, whether it be escort cards, place cards or menu. While the look perfectly embodies the client’s style and aesthetic, our job, together is to elevate this look and take it to an entirely different level.”

Our partnerships elevate the experience

Roe continues to explain. “We recently had a mutual client who had a party whose theme was Mr. McGregor’s garden (Peter Rabbit). This garden theme was carried throughout every detail. Shari created the place cards and we then decided to use Brussel Sprout as its stand. The juxtaposition of the card, Brussels Sprout and the China was positively divine!” This is just one example as to how we work together to create a story based off of the visions our clients have. It’s a collaborative effort.

When Roe first visited Bespoke, she commented on the fact that we aren’t just a stationer, but we are all about lifestyle. That became our “Aha!” moment because we really are all about what the client wants beyond the paper. We are tasked with representing them from start to finish. The invitation is the very first thing they see. Those details are then carried through by Roe. Our collaboration is a relationship that’s developed based on trust and understanding. It’s about deliverability. The internet is an equalizer in many areas, but ultimately what sets us apart is our vision, creativity and the way we execute those visions. We sell the creativity in our minds and our ability to service that creativity.

On elevating the experience

“We had a client who wanted a Bourbon bar,” Roe shared. “As we talked I asked him if he wanted those round oversized ice cubes. He was so excited at the possibility. Not only did we have the ice cubes made for him, but I also had the bar lit from below so that the bourbon would all be illuminated, highlighting each bottle’s unique color. Once again, we went with their vision and elevated it.”

“We’re in a really unique industry,” Roe stated emphatically. “Every day I feel so lucky. I feel so lucky that someone is trusting me with a major milestone in their lives. . . They will have us in their lives forever. I have clients, mothers with children who are having bar mitzvahs, whose weddings I tended to 25 years ago.”

And indeed, we at Bespoke Designs, feel so very fortunate to have such wonderful partnerships and customers as well!

Images: Top. Shari Lebowitz of Bespoke and Roe Chlala of Festivities.
All other images property of Festivities.

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