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How to Find Your Wedding Aesthetic

Straighten your black tie and head for the…cow barn?

We’re just going to say it: There’s no such thing as urban farmhouse steampunk chic.

And, while we’re all in on every couple having the unique wedding of their dreams, we’re also heartily in favor of choosing a distinct, relatable wedding aesthetic.

Why? Because the look and feel you envision for your big day informs everything from your wedding stationery suite to the venue and menu – even the music that sets the scene. Choosing an overall aesthetic early in the game – and being able to effectively communicate your vision to the myriad of professionals tasked with making it a reality – is essential.

So how do you narrow down the possibilities?

  • Look around. Pinterest alone has hundreds of “wedding aesthetic” feeds with boards galore from “forest” to “former sponge factory on the Greek island of Symi.” Start looking and your true aesthetic is likely to find you.


  • Take a quiz. Have a free hour? Many wedding websites offer quizzes to determine whether you fall into the Formal or Floral camp. Some are more silly than scientific, but they will all likely help you rule out a few things.


  • Browse Bespoke. Take some time to wander through our inspiring shop or peruse the website. What speaks to you? Do you gravitate to Classical lines or prefer an invitation enlivened by pretty watercolors or a favorite snapshot? Don’t hesitate to ask a member of our “Love Squad” for expert advice on putting a name to that vibe.

Pretty WatercolorsPretty Watercolors

  • Consider your venue. If you’ve already booked a space, chances are you’re already narrowing your options. Pulling off a beach theme in the local modern art museum is a tall order. But ordering a wagon hayride to whisk your wedding party off to a reception at an organic flower farm might be just the ticket.

 favorite snapshotFavorite Snapshot

  • Don’t fence yourself in. Yes, a clear wedding aesthetic will help you and your planners design a successful event. But deviations are more than allowed – they’re welcomed! You can go the rustic mason jars-and-DIY chalkboards route and give the lacy ruffled wedding gown a hard pass. A theme shouldn’t lock you in; it should let your imagination soar.
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