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Should You Use Calligraphy for Your Invitations?

Should You Use Calligraphy for Your Invitations?

Calligraphy (from the Greek word "kallos" meaning beauty) - is an ancient art from as early as 600 BC. It has been a respected and revered art in Asian, European and Western culture for centuries. In a digital and fast-paced world, the art of calligraphy requires time and an extreme attention to detail and that's what makes it so special. We adore calligraphy and hand lettering and use them in as much as we can in all of our creations - wedding invitations, envelopes, escort cards, place cards, menus, programs, table signs. We have the most talented calligraphers and hand letterers who have been refining their skills for years. We can do calligraphy on most any surface - paper (of course), chalkboards, tiles, leaves, shells, agate, wood, acrylic and glass are just some examples! We can also do just about any ink of your choice.

Should you use calligraphy for your wedding invitations, programs, menus, and the like? Of course, we say yes! For your invitation, it adds that extra special touch that ensures your envelopes stand out in the mailboxes of your guests. It creates the ultimate "unboxing experience!" You can still use calligraphy even if you steer away from traditional design. There are many ways to create an amazing handwritten piece that uses hand lettering or calligraphy to complement your modern aesthetic.

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