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We Just Love Wax Seals!

We are thrilled that wax seals have seen such a huge resurgence lately! We could easily use them on just about anything- wedding invitations, place cards, programs, favors - the possibilities are endless. 

The use of wax seals date back to the Middle Ages, when they were typically made of beeswax. Originally, the wax was used in its natural color and then it was colored with red or Vermilion. By the late 1800s, many different colors were used: white, yellow, gold, black, green. Wax seals were used to close documents and prevent tampering as it traveled to its destination. A signet ring might have been used by pressing into the hot wax to show the identity of the sender. 

We provide this service and are happy to create the most amazing wax seals for your wedding suite. Luckily, we can still find wax in the form of sticks to melt in any color you can imagine and we can personalize the stamp with a custom monogram or symbol. We can also create self-adhesive faux wax seals with your monogram. Lastly, if you're terribly busy, and what bride isn't? We are happy to assemble the pieces for your wedding suite or day of papers. Call us to make an appointment at 203. 557-6777. 

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