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Andraab Luane Cashmere Striped Shawl, Navy

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The essence of luxury, Andraab weaves together tradition, elegance, and imaginative design into handcrafted bespoke cashmere that is a wonder to behold and even more wonderful to wear.


Luane means lines in Kashmiri. Their take on classic stripes is jaunty, fresh, and modern.

Cashmere is a luxurious textile that is woven from the combed hairs of goats from the Changthang area of Ladakh. Made from the rarest and finest cashmere, using weaving techniques and arts from 15th century Persia, an Andraab shawl is like no other.

Material: 100% cashmere shawl with silk edges

Dimensions & Care

Dry Clean your shawl as needed. To store, fold and keep in a dry place with cedar blocks. When not wearing, keep the shawl in the cotton carry bag that is provided before placing it in a handbag.

28" x 78"