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Kaweco Sketch Up Pencil, Raw Brass


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A big, bold clutch pencil that takes an extra-large 5.6 mm lead and that is ideal for loose sketches with broad lines and shading. A spring-loaded metal clasp holds the lead in place and allows it to be advanced easily with the button on the back of the pencil. Unscrew that back button from the pencil and you'll find a built-in sharpener.

Details & Dimensions

The build quality of this pencil is just as impressive as its unique functionality. It's all-metal, with a raw brass body and aluminum components.

Raw brass is one of our favorite materials because it develops a patina as you use it, deepening in color and picking up marks as it ages. You can polish it to restore some of the original looks, but we love how these pencils seemingly become more handsome as they get older.

Kaweco is a German brand of writing implements, originally introduced by the Heidelberg Pen Company for its dip pens line in 1889. The success of Kaweco today can be largely attributed to inspiration from historical products of earlier periods. The brand's history and the nostalgic design of its products are deeply intertwined with modern technology.

Made in Germany. One soft graphite lead was included.

Material: Brass, brown.

Item Weight: 1.41 oz.

There is a sharpener in the pusher.

Please note: This material may discolor through use.

4.02" x 0.39" x 0.39"