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Metaverse Dream, Assouline


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With this title, the definition of travel is expanding to explore destinations of the future in signature Assouline style, placing more abstract interpretations in conversation with more literal representations of the Metaverse to create a unique visual portrait of this new space.

Details & Dimensions

Take a trip to the metaverse through a curated selection of visuals that explore the influence of this new technology on all industries. In the not-so-distant future, the metaverse will be the most popular travel destination. This title captures the spirit of this world of endless possibility. Hard to define and even harder to grasp, the metaverse is presented through a creative and inspirational lens, in quintessential Assouline style. From the pages of the sci-fi novel Snow Crash to digital fashion by Balenciaga, the metaverse is permeating all aspects of life.

Metaverse Dream by Gregory Landegger and Paul Dawalibi

9.84" x 1.77" x 12.99"