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William Yeoward Vase - Rose Bowl Azzura


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The William Yeoward Azzura Rose Bowl is a stunning example of the cased crystal where a clear piece is overlaid with blue color. Once the piece has been cut with its notches, discs, and vertical cuts, the clear glass shines through. This is an exceptional composition.

Details & Dimensions

This product is manufactured with exquisite craftsmanship combined with originality that is made to the very highest and exacting standards.


Material: Handmade Glass

Care Instructions

William Yeoward Crystal is a handmade product and although it is robust, care should be taken in its use, cleaning, and storage.

To minimize the risk of damage and to keep your crystal in beautiful condition, it is recommended that your crystal should be washed by hand in a plastic bowl of warm water using a mild detergent; wash one item at a time, rinse in clear warm water and then place on a drainer. Dry the glasses when still warm using a soft, dry cloth, taking care always to hold the bowl of a wine glass when drying the stem and foot; never hold the foot when drying the bowl as this can easily lead to the bowl being twisted off and broken.